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785 Green Road
Pemberton, BC V0N 2L2
Phone: 604-894-2336

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"Smallfarm" is an 11-acre, family-operated farm located in the heart of Pemberton Meadows.

Our main commercial crop has been over a decade in the growing. With an orchard of over 300 hazelnut trees, "Smallfarm" is proud to provide you with this fall's hazelnut crop.

The appeal of hazelnuts has risen in the past few years, especially since the U.S. FDA declared them a "heart-healthy" food. Hazelnuts contain a high proportion of essential oils, and a well-balanced mixture of vitamins and minerals. Canadian research also suggests that hazelnuts may contribute to management of Type II Diabetes, by improving lipid and blood sugar levels.

Our hazelnuts are organically grown, hand picked and processed right here on the farm. Tasty and infinitely adaptable in many different recipes - whether roasted or raw, they lend a crunchy, distinctive flavour in salads, main dishes, desserts, or simply a handful for a delicious snack!