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Organic fruit and vegetable greenhouse in Pemberton, BC

Celebrating 84 Years of Pemberton Farming

The Pemberton Farmer’s Institute supports and promotes agriculture in Pemberton. Our membership includes seed potato growers, organic vegetable, fruit, and cattle producers, agri-tourism operators and livestock and equestrian outfits. In recent years, our membership has widened to include many non-farming producers such as bakeries and community members.



Pemberton Farmer's farm stand
• Apples
• Apricots
• Beans
• Beets
• Garlic
• Parsnip
• Potatoes
• Turnips

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Pemberton Farmer's featured farm

Hops Connect:

Hops Connect is a Canadian owned and operated hop grower, processor, distributor and exporter of hops throughout Canada and Asia. Hops Connect offers a wide variety of T-90 and raw leaf hop products.